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Will The Real Believers Please Rise!

We say we are believers, but our actions too often do not align with our proclamation. We say we have faith, but when the cares of this world arise, we crumble as if there's no God and our faith quickly shifts from hope to doubt. We seek the prayers of others on our behalf first instead of seeking the Father and His word. We fold when there's no instant gratification instead of developing in the waiting season. We praise God when all is going well, but curse him (blame, walk away, doubt) when things fall apart - the hypocrisy and audacity of us to place conditions on our love for him. It's time for us to come to a point where we are no longer babies and mature into spiritual adults. We can't change the world if we don't change ourselves. We can't expect others to see God in us (by mere words alone) if we aren't projecting a Christ-like image in our actions and walk. We can't expect the world to reverence God when it sees us compromising.

Will the true believers please rise up!

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