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The Wisdom of Pain

Here is a snippet of what's to come from my soon to be published book.

Oh, pain, what is thy purpose?

What do you gain from my suffering?

You are strong and powerful bringing the strongest man to his knees.

Oh, pain, what is thy purpose? Will you flee from me please!

What is it you desire of me when awakened from my sleep?

What is it you desire of me when I am unable to sleep?

Is it your goal to rob me of my joy and keep me off my feet?

Oh, pain, what is thy purpose, what do you seek?

Beloved, don’t be dismayed.

I’ve come to motivate you and make you aware.

To perfect your strength in moments of despair.

It is I who reveals your strength when no one else cares.

I am the stimuli to your faith and your opportunity to victory.

It is I who gives ear to your body’s plea when it cries out, why have you neglected me?

I am the key to your inner strength.

I give you push back when you feel you can’t go on.

It is I who leads you to an assignment that you otherwise would have let undone.

So beloved, don’t be so quick to rid yourself of me.

Though I may sting for a brief moment in time,

You will come to understand my true purpose when your focus is truly aligned.

© 2021 by Kamilla Buckner

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