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Eyes Wide Shut

This article contrasts and compares history of old to the ever, unfolding story of its present and future. The subjective viewpoints therein were formed from observation, experience, and knowledge of real-life events. It is not the intent to offend, but to provoke thought to invoke change. This, Is My Truth!

Evil does not discriminate; it is shut up in the souls of mankind no matter the social constructs. However; as humans we, by choice; “choice” being the operative word, can change its course. When I see the hatred that is blatantly felt for people of color, it makes my skin shiver as though it were dilapidated. Then I begin to wonder how, have we, as a black people, come so far, but yet have so far to go in the land of democracy. I’ve heard many coin the phrase “in today’s world” (as if to signify yesterday’s world were any different), racism has become seemingly worse. Is it worse or just more evident thanks to technology? Racism, or if we call it by its correct term in my truth, “(human) classification,” has not changed. The continued basis of human classification and segregation are color, status, and intelligence, which appears to still conform to the ideologies of the eugenics era where the studies of Robert Knox and others expressed a dominant view that there is a linkage between race and intelligence. Inferring that darker races are intellectually inferior to the white class.

Robert (Bobby) Kennedy once stated, I believe in 1965, “Negroes are continuously making progress here in this Country. Progress in many areas not as fast as it should be, but they are making progress and we will continue to make progress.” Wait, What! STOP! Did you catch that? Read it again! First of all, the word “progress” alone, when used as a descriptive means justification for the lack of equality for blacks, is a gnawing in my flesh. Next, notice how he uses the pronouns they and we – pay attention folks to the contrast that’s being used. Let me break it down for you:


but “they” are making progress – “they” is referring to blacks, “are making progress….” Meaning, in my opinion, able to enjoy the luxury of the crumbs as thrown to dogs while being depicted as some charitable sacrifice offering a false ray of hope.

“We” will continue to make progress – we” referring to white America, “will continue to make progress.” Or in other words, white America will continue to progress so long as there remain constraints and confines i.e., systemic (to protect white America) and institutionalized (to enslave blacks and other minorities) racism to keep the savage at bay; itching to stop a thirst (for equality) that white America has no plans to quench. No wonder the visually paralyzed leader of this Country, his economic adviser, and others alike, deny systemic racism exists.

Mr. Kennedy goes on to say, “There’s no reason that in a near and foreseeable future that a Negro could also be President of the United States.” Then, in 1968 he is quoted saying, “In the next 40 years a Negro can achieve the same position that my brother has” (President). As to suggest that if we behave like good boys and girls, there’s a chance “white America” might just let you have a black President. Well; I guess, in their eyes, for a period in time we were just as the Chinese, “silent and docile;” lucky enough to cash in on the fortune wrapped up in the words of Mr. Bobby Kennedy. Well, he kept his word. They let us have a black, two-term President of these United States of white America exactly 41 years later – coincidence? Hmm, I’m not so sure!

Besides the black presidential gift, is this what so called “progress” is supposed to look like 41 years later? It appears to be more of a perpetual picture of the society – the antithesis of progress.

In the words of the late, great, Marvin Gaye, “It makes me wanna holla and throw up both my hands! The ruthless acts portrayed in these photos are indicative of the cold and incessant hearts of those with no regard for humanity – in particular, people of color.

How disheartening and unfortunate that policing or police brutality as depicted above, is not restricted to men in uniforms, but is inclusive of men in casual attire attempting to take the law into their own hands (just ask the parents of Ahmaud Arbery, Trevon Martin, and others alike). They are men in suits; the same people who make up our judicial system, sign our paycheck, and determines, by implementing their own set of rules, if we are worthy of an approval for a loan be it personal or business. Seemingly, not foregoing an opportunity to disparage the borrower because of the color of his skin, which at birth automatically places him in a “high risk” category. But you, Mr. Commander in Chief, would like us to believe that systemic racism is “substantially less than it used to be” – please show me Exhibit A!

What perplexes me even more are the non-colored, if you will, who since the most recent public lynching of Mr. George Floyd, have taken to television, social media, etc., making statements like; “now I understand,” or “I see why we are called white privilege.” Well, I beg to differ! You will never understand what it’s like to educate your child on how to be black, drive while black, walk the streets while black, how to shop while black or prepare them mentally and emotionally when turned down for a promotion or paid less than or denied a gig because of color, but thanks, I guess, for trying. I am further confused by the reactions as if this is some new era, some recent event; where have you been people? Living in a world of make pretend believing oh, they’re good now, they’ve made “progress.” Or, will you simply admit that your eyes have been “Wide Shut” all along!

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