Rise, Black Beauty, Rise!

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

We are no misfit or misfortune, we, will rise! Awake, black beauty, awake! You have been challenged far too long. It’s time to take charge, to walk in the power you speak of, to take back your position of leadership and stop looking to others to lead you.

It has become embedded in our minds, that in order to make a difference or impact change, we must vote. Yes, we must opt for change and vote, but what happens when the change is not congruent with what we stand and fight so hard for? What happens when the candidates (primarily, presidential) promise change to the status quos and doesn’t come through, then what? Is voting our only weaponry? If it is; then, I dare say, we are hopelessly lost!

It is alleged that Harriet Tubman once said, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Regardless if she freed one-thousand or one-hundred, or even uttered the words, the focus of the statement is on the mentality. We are not a hopeless people or hopelessly lost; and voting isn’t our only weaponry. We must incorporate all of our resources implement change, but it starts with us. We cannot afford to be content, complacent or lackadaisical.

Our weaponry is bound up in our voices, our strength in unity, and the actions behind our voices. You see, black beauty, we, MATTER! Why do you think we are the most targeted? Why do you think our music is stolen, we are emulated, our skin color is attempted to be captured by the rays of the sun and tanning salons? It is simply because we are envied, feared, and desired – A very talented, beautiful, and powerful people. We have stamina and the symbolic traits of a “Lion,” mighty in power, strength and courage! So, I say, “Rise up black beauty and walk in your power, your freedom, your constitutional rights! “Go” get what rightfully belongs to you. Sure, you’ll be met with challenges and obstacles along the way; it’s evitable, it’s called life. How you choose to respond will reveal your true character.

Let’s continue to educate ourselves; listening, learning, gaining understanding; and more importantly, surrounding ourselves with sound wisdom. I’ve heard it said, “you should wage war with sound guidance – victory comes with many counselors.” Well, beloved, the “war” has been waged, what weapons will you use?

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