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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

How many times have you heard the statement “I have arrived”? This statement is often a proclamation based on a perceived success. Success is so loosely and widely used in society to define a person’s status, that its true meaning has been lost. We find that people with money are often satisfied with the status quo, but are they really? In fact, money is, for the most part, always equated to success. But what about the ones whose bank accounts aren’t as hefty, does that make them less successful?

The truth is, none of us ever really “arrive,” we just climax to a better state. If you have riches, you haven’t arrived, you simply worked hard to leave one state of being to advance to another; you accomplished a personal goal, just blessed, or both. You see, in my opinion, to “arrive” means you have conquered the 6 layers of human emotions:

· Anger

· Pain

· Fear

· Regret

· Desire

· Love/Appreciation

None of the above, which are the core of man (humans), are truly conquered until death, when the emotions are no longer experienced. You learn to manage them by implementing strategies to aid in the response to the emotions, but as long as you’re breathing, you will ALWAYS experience anger, pain, fear, regret, desire, and have a need to be loved and appreciated, it’s how you were wired. Show me someone who has “arrived” and I’ll show you someone who has stopped growing or are dead! So, let’s be careful how we judge or compare one’s success. You can be the poorest person in the world, but rich in compassion, love, joy, wisdom, etc.; or you can be the richest person in the world, but lonely, depressed, paranoid (not knowing whose really for you or just after your money), greedy, lacking compassion, and the list could go on – in this instance, have you really arrived or do you only have what many consider to be success (money)?

When we all strive to work on managing our core to better ourselves, then we can pass on the seeds of success to the next person helping them to climax to a better state! It should never be lonely at the top!!

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