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I am We

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

My mind is plagued, my heart is heavy

Innocent blood spread in the street crying out

Oh, justice! When will you avenge me?

Young and old are dying alike,

Where is the regard for family – for life?

Life is no longer sacred,

Souls sold for a moment of pleasure

What are we doing? Have we completely overlooked the costs,

The value of life without measure?

Is all we seek success, success

And me, me, me?

There is no me without we –

I have yet to witness a success story

That didn’t involve a team.

We point fingers to the left and right of us,

Gavel down, guilty as charged,

But the real perpetrator goes free

Never to be accountable for the choices that made we.

Confused? Don’t be!

For you see, the choices that make we

Are repeated cycles of being in a maze

And chasing cheese – which way is out?

We hold on to crutches, to lies told by others

And lies we tell ourselves

Passing down the same despondent information

To our children and their children’s children

Leveraging misguided behaviors

To be housed in the que

Of their mental and emotional development.

So, I say to me, to we, the time has come

To step up and step out

To let go of the crutches

And walk by faith and not by sight

For I am me and me are we –

Together we can dispel the lies,

The poison that kills,

But this my friends, requires a strong will!

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