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Don’t Take The Shortcut

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

How often have we started out on a path and decided to take the “shortcut” to reach our destination? We often find ourselves doing the same when faced with difficulty. Ever wonder why? It’s easier for us to forego any route that leads to pain, that is in direct conflict with our own; yes, at times, selfish desires or motives. We want to be removed from unbearable situations; we want people removed from our lives who aren’t the easiest to love or be around. But what we don’t see beloved is all the pieces to the puzzle of life’s journey are carefully spread apart - it’s up to us to gather the pieces, to build the barrier (the edges), focus on the center, which is key; when the center is together, all else will fall in place. Allow yourself time to finish; and more importantly, you can’t take shortcuts or discard any of the pieces. Be patient my friend and soon you will begin to see that each part played a significant role in unfolding something beautiful arriving you at your destination!

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