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Calling all Leaders!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I cannot begin to tell you how bothered I am by hypocrisy! Common statements like “every time I turn around, there’s a new church” or “why are there churches on every corner?” But no complaint or thought is given to the many fast food restaurants and convenient stores that pop up like pop-up shops every one-to-two-mile radius’ in middle-class and poor neighborhoods; robbing us, our children, of nutritional value and contributing to our health decline. Even worse, the targeting minority, low-income neighborhoods for hazardous waste; again, contributing to health decline.

It appears that the focus of our attention is often misplaced. We are outraged when listening to the buffoonery that frequently escapes the lips of our Commander in Chief; but yet, once more, nothing is done. We talk but do much of nothing. We don’t have to wait until election time for change – that’s like waiting for duck season, if you’re hungry, to eat. Everything starts with us! We need to be leaders in our home economy; yes, running our homes like a business doing cost/benefit analysis, making healthy financial decisions; i.e., deciding with whom we want to trade and do business. We certainly need to stop trading (our health) and doing business (supporting and buying into advertisement) with fast food restaurants and convenience stores. Like my Pastor teaches and strongly encourages, pay yourself! Invest that money back into your business (your home) to support its growth and wealth.

If we’re going to fight, let’s go hard! For every fast food chain, let’s demand a health food store or pop-up clinics, if you will, to service and treat the poor with no insurance. Let’s speak up for the low-income; and fight against the poor being dispersed near and around landfills. It may sound far-fetched, but it can be done – it takes leaders like you and I to go the extra mile.

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