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Welcome to TCT!

A place to uncork & unwind, shop for transformational organic, chemical-free products and gain a little wisdom.


TCT is Transforming Lives!

TCT products were created to aid in the reduction of chemical consumption through daily use of commercial products. Our specialty collection is made with unrefined, all natural, organic, non-toxic ingredients.  Our ingredients include: Cloves, Coconut Oil, Pure Essential Oils, Colloidal Oats & Regenerating hair growth properties and natural preservatives.


Best of the Best


Growth Herbal Hair Care $20

Top Seller

Growth Herbal Hare Care contains all natural herbs and regenerative properties without the added chemicals to stimulate hair growth while providing ultimate nutrients to the scalp.  It's main active ingredients include: Rosemary, Black Cumin, Turmeric, Neem and Fenugreek oils.


Clover Clean Mouthwash $10

Customer Favorite

Fresh breath starts with healthy gums.  This organic, non-alcoholic, chemical-free mouthwash is an excellent way to prevent bacteria around the gums while keeping your breath fresh for hours without drying your mouth and fighting against bacteria on the throat.  It's active ingredient is nature's best kept secret, "Cloves" also used in denistry.


Edge Growth (the new hair grease) $8

New Addition

This light weight formula melts into the scalp providing ultimate nourishment for growth.  If oil is not your thing, then this mousse textured butter will definitely do the trick or simply use in conjunction with Growth Herbal Hair Care, alternating applications to speed up the magic.  It's not just for the edges, use throughout the scalp and watch the magic unfold.  A little goes a long way!


Glowing Face Cream $25

Customer Favorite

Enjoy the luxurious feel of all day moisture and hydration.  This product truly lives up to its name, it keeps the face glowing from sun up to sun down - the epitome of "Good morning, sunshine!"  Made with colloidal oats for added moisture and Vitamins C&E.


I Love My Lips! $5

Top Seller

Looking for a lasting lip moisturizer?  Search no more!  "I Love My Lips" is an all natural moisturizer that not only softens the lips, but also protects against dryness and chaffing without a waxy feel.  An excellent pre-applicator for Matte lipsticks. Enjoy the aromatic smells of coconut, orange and just a hint of mint.


Top Seller

This all natural deodorant is just the jump you need to kick-start your day smelling and feeling fresh without the worries of aluminum and other toxic chemicals.  May also be used to absorb foot odors,

TCT Refreshingly-Clean Shampoo $28
This product is by email request only!


Sukriti Oli

"Im obsessed with this chapstick!"


Amani Watkins

"I love the scent of this deodorant!  It's lasting and smooth on my skin.  I'm a person who sweats a lot and this deodorant carries me throughout my day comfortably!"


Alexis Mason

"ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SHAMPOO!  My hair is so clean and doesn't feel weighted down...annnddd my curls are more bouncier.  Just amazing!


Joycett Tiggle

"The Growth Herbal Care and Edge Cream keeps my hair moisturized. I was clean bald and within three months, I have seen 45% of growth."  I am blessed and amazed.



Before and After "TCT Growth Herbal Hair Care"



Now that you're shopping's complete, it's time to sit back and catch up on a little reading. 




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